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Reading for the Weekend – Sparta at War

As a continuation of Hoplite affairs I found a title that bears some generic interest – albeit I have no Spartans for Impetus. Sparta at War, Strategy, Tactics, and Campaigns 550-362BC (ISBN# 9781783830480) by Scott M. Rusch appears interesting take on … Continue reading

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Greek equestrians

Time to bring out one of the more useless units for Impetus. Greek cavalry that resembles the very limited cavalry arm of Syracuse and Italiots that were still present for Second Punic War. Secondary use is little bit more graceful once … Continue reading

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AAR – Syracuse vs. Carthage

Syracuse and Carthage were old and bitter enemies that fought over the control of Sicily which was divided in half. Western half was controlled by Carthage and wars between Syracuse and her allies were frequent. Very often, however Syracuse could … Continue reading

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Army of Syracuse fielded

Finally, after several months of pushing them back in the priority list, I have managed to finish the army Syracuse for Basic Impetus. They have the privilege to be the first army to be completed in 2015. They have no … Continue reading

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Greek peltasts

Now following two stands worth of eastern light infantry, peltasts. Originally intended for Syracuse but until now served for Seleucids. Hoplites were fielded last week, so BI army of Syracuse is soon complete. Technically, Seleucid light infantry that I intend to represent should probably be … Continue reading

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Greek Hoplites – finally fielded

It took a long while to paint these four bases worth (144 individuals) of Italian hoplites that are to represent mercenary force of Syracuse, hired from Greek city states in Italy and Sicily. It isn’t that many units to paint but … Continue reading

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Greek and Italian Hoplites

First strip of hoplites have reached ready state. As much as I would have liked to see them ready and on tabletop last year – all four stands of them, I just could not get myself around the shield designs. … Continue reading

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