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Naval affairs – Signal Close Action, Fast Play

I haven’t got opportunity to have closer look at the SCA: Fast Play before, mostly because I do like the detailed approach of the full game, and can appreciate the fine nuances it offers. However, I ended up in situation … Continue reading

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Reading for the Weekend -Admiral de Grasse

Now, time to dive into my primary interest and have a look at Admidal de Grasse and American Independence by Charles Lee Lewis (eISBN: 978-1-61251-473-4). As I am not really reading French, biographies about French navy, revolutionary or Napoleonic era appears to … Continue reading

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Review – Close Action

As I have mentioned earlier, my first preferred naval game in Age of sail was Mark Campbell’s Close Action and it’s two published supplements. Considering that game was published 1997, it had very long career until it ended up having … Continue reading

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4th of July and Revolting Americans

After doing a bit of research, I thought I could try my hands in some battles of revolutionary wars. American that is, in case people thought I meant French, or any other former colony that had gained it’s independence after … Continue reading

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