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Reading for the Weekend – A Short History of Parthia

This time is is time to look at a Short History of Parthia by George Rawlinson. As mentioned sometime earlier, I have developed an interest to build Parthian army for Impetus. Initially that idea came to be because of the fascinating … Continue reading

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Debut of Seleucids

As mentioned in earlier post, I thought of building Successor force for [Basic] Impetus. Mostly because I like eastern variety and Macedonian pike blocks.  There is of course opportunities for interesting battles against wide variety of enemies. With minor alterations, Successor army … Continue reading

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Reading for the Weekend – Defeat of Rome in the East

This time it is time to go back in history somewhat and have a look at Defeat of Rome in the East, by Gareth C. Sampson (ISBN# 978 1 844156 764, eISBN# 9781844686346). First, of course, if anything, this would … Continue reading

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