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Fire in the Sky – second American disaster

We had another opportunity to play excellent Fire in the Sky. I was to take Americans again – however this time I was ready and had a much better idea of how to work the infinite forces that the industry … Continue reading

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Review – Fire in the Sky, part I

There are two games that I have really wanted to add to my collection. One of them is , perhaps a bit surprisingly, Fire in they Sky – a Japanese take on conflict in the Pacific. I am not really … Continue reading

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Reviews of Obscure but Interesting Games V – Pacific War

In a series of obscure¬†but interesting games, it is turn for Mark Herman design, Pacific War, published by Victory Games in 1985. There are few reasons to wake¬†this monster game from the obscurity it dwells in. Pacific War had the … Continue reading

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Best of Wishes for 2016

It is the time of the year to wish everyone all the best for 2016! 2015 could not be exactly described as optimum, but at least some new initiatives were founded, and some progress was made on the existing ones. … Continue reading

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