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Review – One-Hour Wargames

I’ve seen some talk about One-Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas recently and while I am not really into looking additional simplified rulesets, the book comes with universal scenarios so I decided to have a look. Game systems presented are, as … Continue reading

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Call to Arms!

Are you a captain on a half pay and looking for a lucrative command at the Caribbean? There is one opening for extra captain in the SCA PBEM Kriegspiel. We can get about with current layout, but additional captain would … Continue reading

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Signal Close Action Kriegspiel, Part II

And returning back to the original topic of the blog… Got a bit carried away with Impetus. As mentioned earlier, I have started to prepare second part of Signal Close Action Kriegspiel. This time both sides have small fleet, and … Continue reading

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Signal Close Action Kriegspiel – Conclusion

As mentioned in couple of other posts, I have played with an idea to establish game of Signal Close Action in a way that neither player has benefit of god perspective over the battlefield. We then went on to test … Continue reading

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