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Acquisition – X-wing stuff

I noticed recently that factually I have to little stuff for X-wing to play any meaningful games. X-wing, B-wing, Y-wing for rebellion, and little better for Empire in form of 2 Tie Interceptors, Tie Bomber, Tie Advanced and 2 Tie … Continue reading

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Another shot of X-wing

There was an another shot of X-wing (albeit the game was quite X-wing free this time). This time with rather big and clumsy Decimator (that appeared to be far less clumsy that initially thought)¬†escorted by two tie fighters (who knows … Continue reading

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Claustrophobic afternoon – and then some Xwing

There was not much planned so I stopped by at a friend to have a game of claustrophobia and some X-wing test games. Combined we managed to draw together two base sets and that gave some ships to fly around. … Continue reading

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