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Naval Gunnery and disaster of 1628

For quite some time I have tried to find a good example for couple of friends to explain what kind of damage solid cannon ball does when fired against wooden ship of solid construction. Now I have found excellent sample … Continue reading

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Beast from the past – ASL

Well, should have seen that coming. Or rather, has been around for a long, long while but there has been a gap of many years due to reasons revolving around lacking opponents and other stuff. ASL is such a package … Continue reading

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Second Battle of Cape Finsterre (1747)

Second Battle of Cape Finsterre was a moderately sized naval action in the Western Approaches,┬átaking place during War of Austrian Succession, 25 October 1747 between the naval forces of France and England. In brief, battle took place between French outbound … Continue reading

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About ancient combat and weapons

After many years of wargaming, some years of experimental history study, construction and combat practice with various close quarter weapons I have started to wonder why melee simulations have tendency to focus on the instrument. It is easy to construct … Continue reading

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