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Review – Successors

I had an opportunity to acquire 3rd edition Successors in mint condition. I have been looking for a long time but always found either prohibitively expensive or just not available. Since it is very likely that Successors will not see … Continue reading

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Impetuous June – Carthage vs. Syracuse AAR

It has been a while since last update, but that has mostly been due to being a bit busy with other aspects of life. Anyways, there has been rather impetuous time again. Games saw pretty good table time. Couple of … Continue reading

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Greek equestrians

Time to bring out one of the more useless units for Impetus. Greek cavalry that resembles the very limited cavalry arm of Syracuse and Italiots that were still present for Second Punic War. Secondary use is little bit more graceful once … Continue reading

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Mercenaries to end all mercenaries – Thureophoroi

Unfortunately the Baccus Thureophoroi are old cast and it is visible. Quality is a bit so so, and for example shields are honestly terrible. I decided to paint the figures as they are without working the details out, and hope … Continue reading

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AAR – Rome vs. Syracuse

It has been some time since I got a game on the table. This time it was Syracuse that was to defend their rights and land from Roman incursion. Albeit Romans have had some challenging situations, there is nothing so … Continue reading

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Greek peltasts

Now following two stands worth of eastern light infantry, peltasts. Originally intended for Syracuse but until now served for Seleucids. Hoplites were fielded last week, so BI army of Syracuse is soon complete. Technically, Seleucid light infantry that I intend to represent should probably be … Continue reading

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