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After a long while – ship out of docks

It has taken a long while since last ship was launched, so the newest one in line is French 64 gun Bizarre – which incidentally has, (probably first and last time) experimental bristles for standing rigging – they seem to be … Continue reading

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Schooner, part III

Got a bit enticed with the schooner for a while (there is a chance she’ll be sailing before strong winds and winter ice). Masts are standing and spars are done. Most of the essential fittings either ready or waiting assembly. Hull … Continue reading

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Schooner progress, part II

I found some time to create some additional components for the improvised schooner – and once again I thought that woodworking lathe & mill would be most useful. Unfortunately not possessing either, I have to resort to trusty Proxxon tool, drill … Continue reading

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Something completely different

My daughter likes sailing ships. A lot. One day I promised to make her a ship when playing with a boat made of bark. Of course she did not forget and next two weeks I heard questions about the ship. I … Continue reading

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About ancient combat and weapons

After many years of wargaming, some years of experimental history study, construction and combat practice with various close quarter weapons I have started to wonder why melee simulations have tendency to focus on the instrument. It is easy to construct … Continue reading

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Porus versus Alexander and a bit of Roman civil war

Two quick games of Basic Impetus were played, this time Indian army versus Alexander and his Macedonians. Both has opportunity to play both sides so I think it was quite equal – not to mention fun. Of course, I had … Continue reading

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New piece of terrain

I thought for quite some time to make terrain that represents camp or a town for a 6mm scale. It kind of ended up all right but some fine tuning is still needed, especially to blend the edges to the … Continue reading

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