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Strong Austro-Hungarian brigade with limited cavalry support  was garrisoning two towns somewhere in rural Austria. Having fortified two towns with artillery and garrisons, and establishing defensive perimeter around well suited terrains the Austrian commanders were confident that French would not … Continue reading

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X-wing, The Hunt of the Decimator

There was another game of X-wing, and this time we tried to build squadrons with 200 points. On the other side, there was two A-wings armed with missiles, two B-wings and one Y-wing. Most were PS8, so we thought that … Continue reading

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Epic – or not so

There was opportunity to play X-wing during the weekend, and what else than with the big ships. We had something around 250pts per side, and both sides equipped forces with the huge ships. Imperials had Raider, Decimator, and two Ties. Rebels … Continue reading

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Impetuous Evening

There was an opportunity to play Basic Impetus 2.0 – which I would never decline. A nice little matchup between revised Romans and Carthaginians, with the 2nd Edition ruleset. Initial impression of the rules were quite favorable and I have … Continue reading

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Hauling a coffin, and looking into a sewer

Had an opportunity to haul Alexander’s coffin around Syria some time ago. Unfortunately only by two people, but sufficiently to get an idea how the game mechanics work. No game which features marriages, murder and stealing Alexander’s (or anyone else’s, … Continue reading

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Holiday Fire in the Sky

Once again there was an opportunity to play Fire in the Sky, my so far favorite take on the Pacific War. As I have pointed out before, I’ve had a though time winning as USA, and my Japanese opponent appeared … Continue reading

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ASL Monday – The Yelnya Bridge

What a great little scenario on map 47, J102 The Yelnya Bridge from ASL Journal #7. 4.5 turns of condensed goodness. Map is very busy and tough to go through. A bit of everything, SS, assault engineers, couple of tanks … Continue reading

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