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Acquisition – Terrain, Part I

I am not imaginative enough to build nice terrain. Unfortunate fact, but there, I’ve said it. It seems that I just  lack the attention to how good terrain looks like and never seem to get it right. Or, I just … Continue reading

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Acquisition and terrain plans

I mentioned desire to join Sharp Practice II and have done something to move towards that end. Besides of starting to think about the terrain that I would like to build for 10mm French Indian War (hills, streams, meadows and … Continue reading

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Porus versus Alexander and a bit of Roman civil war

Two quick games of Basic Impetus were played, this time Indian army versus Alexander and his Macedonians. Both has opportunity to play both sides so I think it was quite equal – not to mention fun. Of course, I had … Continue reading

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New piece of terrain

I thought for quite some time to make terrain that represents camp or a town for a 6mm scale. It kind of ended up all right but some fine tuning is still needed, especially to blend the edges to the … Continue reading

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So many things to do, so little time

After several months of hiatus (and other projects that have been on the priority list a tad bit higher than gaming – such as family, new home & associated renovation)  my new workspace starts to be in a shape that I … Continue reading

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Captured from Spain

This one could represent originally 80 gun Spanish ship Fenix later captured and named HMS Gibraltar (albeit temporary name tag reads differently at the moment). Ship is a bit generic in terms of color and layout – I am not … Continue reading

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June DSLB – Overwhelming odds

Along with Impetus, a few games of DSLB were played. Scenarios were adapted from ‘One Hour Wargames’ to test out how they would work out. First one, and rather quick was a game of meeting engagement where both sides were … Continue reading

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