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Review: Hatten in Flames

A quick word has to be said about Hatten in Flames Historical Module of ASL. Ordinarily I do not do much of Historical Modules of ASL and I only have but three. Pegasus Bridge, Red Barricades and Hatten in Flames. … Continue reading

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Acquisition – Minor Scenics

This will probably take a while to complete and explain but what is a game without sheep grazing in meadows or cattle just being cattle? Another day I went on to see the Perfect Six not to look for anything … Continue reading

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Review -Basic Impetus 2.0

I have to admit that I did expect Basic Impetus 2.0 (Hardcopy from Dadi&Piombo, digital copy available in Wargame Vault) to be released a few months ago, but better late than never. First Basic Impetus has been admittedly my favorite … Continue reading

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Acquisition – Stone Age, a Space ship

It is apparently hard to grow up in this household without degree of board game indoctrination ;). It is quite hard to find interesting games for children, especially with two requirements. a) should offer variety of mechanics b) should also … Continue reading

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Acquisition – Terrain, Part I

I am not imaginative enough to build nice terrain. Unfortunate fact, but there, I’ve said it. It seems that I just ┬álack the attention to how good terrain looks like and never seem to get it right. Or, I just … Continue reading

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Review – Successors

I had an opportunity to acquire 3rd edition Successors in mint condition. I have been looking for a long time but always found either prohibitively expensive or just not available. Since it is very likely that Successors will not see … Continue reading

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Mansions of Madness, Streets of Arkham

2nd Edition of Mansions of Madness has a potential. In fact, there has been quite few surprising, and enjoyable scenarios. Most recent addition to the collection was Streets of Arkham. Rather on the pricey side, it has few updates, such … Continue reading

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