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Best of wishes for 2017

2016 was a year that had saw some interesting activities. Most notably there was typical summer miniature gaming spree where Signal Close Action took prominent role, with some Basic Impetus (now also 2nd ed.) and Drums and Shakos Large Battles thrown in between. So the … Continue reading

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Basic Impetus 2.0 – Initial impressions

Basic Impetus 2.0 finally became available as digital edition so I got a copy. It came as two versions, full color and simplified edition – which is much appreciated, because the simplified version is more printer friendly in case a few … Continue reading

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Basic Impetus 2.0

Well well, we are finally reaching the time when Basic Impetus 2.0 is about to land. Today is the day that it is published and I will of course get digital copy – and then as soon as able, bring … Continue reading

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Impetus Scenarios I – Magnesia

I thought to start with Magnesia, but instead or relying the assumption that Romans were overwhelmed 2:1, I think it more realistic that both sides had roughly 50 000 troops. Assuming that the information is more or less correct, we could … Continue reading

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Porus versus Alexander and a bit of Roman civil war

Two quick games of Basic Impetus were played, this time Indian army versus Alexander and his Macedonians. Both has opportunity to play both sides so I think it was quite equal – not to mention fun. Of course, I had … Continue reading

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Impetus Scenarios

Until now I have slowly built [Basic]Impetus armies for various factions in the mediterranean without any particular goal in mind (admittedly  a long distance call from any really significant armies of any nation, ancient or otherwise) and have now come to … Continue reading

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Debut of Porus

I am glad to introduce the great army of the great king Porus for Basic Impetus. It took much less of an effort to paint the indians than I thought, once I got up to speed. As the army currently … Continue reading

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