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Review – Battlestar Galactica

Got the game as a present during holidays and I have to admit that I’m quite fond of the series (both original and remake). However, after certain games, I am less and less fond of FFG designs. All too often … Continue reading

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ASL – The Agony of Doom

The Agony of Doom is a great scenario which features interesting set of vehicles. Russians have fielded the big guns, ISU-152, pair of ISU-122, supported by a pair of T34/85’s. Against this set of massive tracked firepower comes solitary Tiger … Continue reading

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Review: Mansions of Madness, retake

Long story short, Mansions of Madness 1st edition was a rubbish, including most of the expansions. In fact, some enterprising spirits have rewritten the whole in attempt to make it work. The key reason for it was that Wings of … Continue reading

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Wilderness War – A Victory

There was an opportunity to play Wilderness War again. What appears to be some sort of custom by now, I tend to play British in attempt to learn how to win with them. For French, the interior lines work wonders … Continue reading

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ASL – Slamming of the Door

We had another ASL Sunday, and an opportunity to play out another fine scenario, Slamming of the Door (#129). There, ill equipped Germans meet vast Russian horde with armored support. Given the early war situation, neither side has tanks that result one shot … Continue reading

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ASL – Comissar’s House

Recently there was an opportunity to enter Comissar’s House. A legendary Stalingrad scenario of bloody street fighting in terms of ASL. All things needed for both sides feeling the pain are there: German assault engineers, DC’s, flamethrowers and one strong fortified … Continue reading

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A Game of Maria

Maria is one of those games that have rather interesting flow and some interesting mechanics. The beef of the game is military conquest spiced up with walk on a diplomatic slackline. Our first three player outing turned out to be … Continue reading

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