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Have a good New Year

Holidays have been busy game time and quite few games of Hannibal, War of the Rings slotted in nicely. Wars were won and some were lost, good times were had. 2018 saw a nice second coming of ASL. After decade … Continue reading

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One does not simply walk into…

It all started in a rainy day in Shire. An idea that walking through the marshes, getting boots wet and to suffer all sorts of discomfort would actually be not quite an adventure that little hobbits should undertake. Unawares, the … Continue reading

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Armies of Oblivion

I’ve waited this for a while – in fact, years since I missed the ziplock edition entirely. Because of some odd reason I did not feel like paying $350 or more for the module. Thanks to the glacial release speed … Continue reading

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Deluxe afternoon

We had an opportunity to play a scenario from WO18, Deluxe scenario Dew of Death which pitted Japanese against Chinese, a run through situation spiced up with poison gas. Chinese 1st class troops have certain disadvantages even without the harassing … Continue reading

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Game weekend – War of The Ring

We had an opportunity to play four player game of War of the ring. Preluded with a bit of a movie marathon, we got the game to the table. Six hours later, after many twists and turns it turned out … Continue reading

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Game Weekend II – Blast from the past

Very seldom do we get on a table so visually appealing, and fantastically executed game as Age of Napoleon. By no means it is very grande scale, but what it does, it really does well indeed. Five hours, full scenario, … Continue reading

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Pax Romana, Wars of the Diadochi pt. 2

Our fantastic little Wars of the Diadochi with Pax Romana continues in leisure pace. This time we saw the Great Alliance, A Third War of Syria, a Fall of Greece under the rule of Philip V, Dissolution of the Pergamun … Continue reading

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