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Winter Offensive!

ASL. Yay! What’s better than that? Deluxe ASL. What else could it possible be? Of course it could be many, many things, such as Armies Oblivion preorder? Indeed, that too. Have I ever mentioned that I like Deluxe ASL? I … Continue reading

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Non-Epic X-wing

These days what constitutes an X-wing game is following: Build a fleet that is potentially interesting to play, then realize that the opposition has opted to choose some highly optimized list from some tournament circles. Next step is to start … Continue reading

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X-wing, another epic

I have tried to like X-wing, and especially I have tried to like the Epic. That said, in our most recent game our Rebel faction decided not to take the CR-90, full aware that opponent would take both Raider and … Continue reading

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Summer came – Summer went…

It’s been remarkably busy season for anything else but actual wargaming. Of course some of that has been fitted in, but paints have been in the shelfs for past few months. Meanwhile I did finally collect my old ASL collection … Continue reading

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Bravest of the Brave

He was probably one of the better known Marshals of France originating from modest beginnings. A son of a master cooper, later Marshall of France and duped Bravest of the Brave by Napoleon, he met his end facing the firing … Continue reading

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Naval Gunnery and disaster of 1628

For quite some time I have tried to find a good example for couple of friends to explain what kind of damage solid cannon ball does when fired against wooden ship of solid construction. Now I have found excellent sample … Continue reading

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Buried under…

I was interrupted when painting the Polish wing for the French, and hence did not finish the pending two squadrons of the best cavalry known during the Napoleonic era. There is to be at least two more squadrons at some … Continue reading

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