ASL: AP86 – Milling About

We had an opportunity to play Milling About (AP#86) from the ASL bonus pack To the Bridge! Milling About is an meeting engagement where concealed formations of Commonwealth and Japanese bump on each other in  a jungle and a cactus hedge. At this stage I have to mention that several mistakes were made, but more about this later.

Milling About - 1

Entry positions – would have been quite bit different with Dense Jungle…

I had the honor of taking the Japanese, which are in a tough bind, however it could have been all different with the SSR read carefully enough. Essentially I opted to run through and get exit VP, especially since I got the first move.

Milling About - 2

Moving on, around the left. Yes, H16 would have been the place for HIP MG/mortar…

Milling About - 3

And more… 

Milling About - 4

Just in time at the edge to make exit.

Without the screwup with the jungle, it would actually have been very interesting scenario.

Mistakes were made with SSR, I genuinely read that Light Jungle was in effect – which of course is not. Not only this would have changed quite a few of the moves, but also because of dense jungle number of DFPh shots could not have been made.

Additionally, this would have meant that there can be no FG composed from adjacent hexes (Japanese had one such, British a few more), and trying would have been in effect in quite a few places (not so much for Japanese, but also for British).

Additionally the HIP option also for Japanese attacker was missed.

Maybe next time we get things right…

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