Some Japanese fun

I think this is getting a bit ASL heavy, but ASL being so conveniently small game to fit in otherwise busy days…ASL-day5 - 1

We had a nice opportunity to take up Chinese-Japanese match from China-Burma-India -pack with quite equal troops, but very restrictive terrain. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of the scenario at this time, but it had quite simple OB. This was, practically my first time playing with Japanese in about – well, ages so there were quite a few things that need to be remembered next time. Nevertheless, the game was very good and uncertainty about the end result loomed large until, well it no longer didn’t…ASL-day5 - 2

I   made couple of significant mistakes. First mistake was to carry the 4PP mortars far too long past their usefulness. Second was rules error about the Banzai charge target needing to be a Known Enemy Unit. This delayed me about an turn. Third one was too cautious movements early on, which could, in some way attributed to the error.ASL-day5 - 3

At one point having three squads and my best leaders becoming berserk turned out to be kind of bad and then having all but one killed there and then made things even worse (It is really good place to be Berserk if you are forced to cross a Stream twice in a Jungle). Nevertheless, that was still recoverable. While my first bigger banzai charge went in great, I did not realize entirely what single hex grain actually implied, and hence did not utilize units to a full extend. Unfortunately, we also missed the fact that FPF broken units do not remain in CC, but will rout away before CC resolution.ASL-day5 - 5

Second one went in with somewhat less successfully, taking a significant hits on the way but after losing both CC’s, one of which to a two squads against single 9-1 leader, I was in situation where I could no longer win the remaining four buildings because I had no forces to do it. Would the last two CC rolls gone better, I actually might have won.ASL-day5 - 6

In any case, it was close, and very good scenario – and rather good practice for Japanese offensive. Interestingly enough, snipers did nothing all game, and not a single broken weapon was fixed in neither side.ASL-day5 - 7ASL-day5 - 8

A few things to remember next time: 1) Banzai units, as well as Human Wave units may Advance fire/Advance if eligible. 2) Units not in menee will rout. Eg. Unit firing FPF, failing MC will rout when Banzai Charge enters in CC, after Advancing fire (if there is anything to rout after). 3) Banzai charge can be declared against enemy unit, it can be concealed and does not have to be known enemy unit. 4) Last but not least, TPBF against unit entering in building, the entering unit will benefit from the building TEM. I had some units suffering -2 for that instead of +1.

Operative word in Banzai charge/Human wave is “a single/alternate hex grain”. This allows certain degree of sideways movement a) towards the hex grain b) parallel to it c) away from it. So, it seems that Banzai is not a science, it is an art.

I actually do like PTO even more now and regardless of what other people may say, PTO does have a lot of merit.

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