Back to Hatten, HF3 – The First Timers

We had an opportunity to bring on table yet another Hatten Scenario (one just cannot really have too many of these around). This time it was a time to bring second liners to the front with some armored support on both sides. Simple idea, Germans defending the buildings clustered along the main road – thing we’ve seen a few times now, and Americans attempting to take control of 13 of them.First Timers - 3

Time is limited, and so is the American morale. Second line Americans are very, very prone to get in trouble and not at all good to get back up. They can dish it out, if the enemy does not break them before they do, but since Hatten is nothing but hindrance, ruins and buildings, it’s gonna be a tough nut to crack. Even with help of tanks.First Timers - 4

So, plan is simple. Pinch the bosch from both sides, one force of few squads and two tanks enter form the west to keep the guys on their toes, while the rest enter from the south. Tanks will be doing two things, cut retreats, and kill the enemy armor. Once latter is done for, the tanks will press in from sides. Mortars will provide WP, and once out, then continue to hit anything that moves – or even if it does not. Infantry is to do the actual fighting, probably in CC, building by building.First Timers - 2

Off they went then, progress being steady, not because of tactics or god luck but because neither side actually managed to hit anything, and Germans promptly thought that running is the better part of valor. More Americans pushed on, mode stiff the German resistance became, and even tough one Sherman managed to kill both Mk. IV:s, there was a nasty feeling that it won’t be enough to get the buildings in time.

Until, my puny 60mm mortar got a critical hit on the location held by the 7-0 leader,  MMG and two squads. Ouch. Just to make sure that it was not bad enough, a Sherman turned around and got another critical hit on a same spot moment later. OUCH.First Timers - 1

While this interesting battle was raging around on the east, the west saw an balancing act when single German squad killed two 1st line squads and 8-0 leader in melee. Well, gotta pay for success… While that boosted the German morale quite a bit, the East side was in deep trouble. A bit of VBM sleaze and running I managed to get the last required locations in time and Americans only barely won.

Meanwhile, following to note: You can declare assault move, and then throw smoke and move into a location, assuming that the move does not take all your MP’s. Eg. leader+MMC may declare Assault Move, attempt to make smoke on ADJACENT open ground hex (cost of 2MF) then move in with Assault Move (no FFNAM, and +2 for smoke).

Yes, you can use Spraying Fire to place Residual on empty hex, provided that the FP is halved as Area Fire.

Rubble is a restricted terrain for use of Backblast weapon – there was a one ineffective shot done this way so it did not change the whole but was a unnecessary risk.

HF3 has LV Hindrance of +1 on all ranges – forgot that one on this scenario. No, German player cannot place Rubble to exactly wherever he wishes, there is a randomness to it.

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