Acquisitions: ASL stuff

It’s probably not a surprise that there has been some acquisitions for ASL recently while waiting for the new release of Croix de Guerre. I have been waiting for a very long time – actually not as long as Armies of Oblivion, which I finally got some time ago but anyways (next in line would be the Italians for a second round up, and Allied minors but that may take some time). At times it feels that ASL gear comes out in geological timescale, but perhaps it is better that way. We’d do not wish to see mediocre things after all.

Meanwhile, a late seasonal seasoning in a form of a few action packs. In fact five of them.    PTO things are always a nice addition albeit the total count is somewhat heavy on the ETO side.

Not bad seasoning for the season and for the 2020. I am sure some of these are brought to the table quite speedily. In fact, Second to None from Action Pack #14 has already seen a table time. Excellent stuff.

I seem not to be able to get my hands on three Action Packs… Roads to Rome, Few Returned and East Front. Oh well, tough luck for being late in the party.

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