DASL#2 Clay Pigeons

There was an rare opportunity to pick on of the older scenarios of DASL in play. A Clay Pigeons, rather large night fight in hedgerow hell – not really my favorite combination, but would never reject ASL match so why now. Hills do not exist, and neither do the buildings on the central board. Orchards and grain are in season so the board is rather busy. I rolled for Germans, which leaved my thinking of how to get the required 20 CVP off the opposing board edge. Since ROAR says that this one is a bit pro German, we increased the Base NVR to 3 as per the balance. Hmmm.

My opponent really took his time to make a setup, which was good because I could read the night rules while he was setting up. It has been ages since I played them last time. He did came up with something I would not expect, quite obviously. I would have expected some half squad pickets to act as a triggers to get the troops moving and to trigger either melees or shots in a dark about but well..

Clay Pigeons - 1

Setup done, I went out to find out where his hidden units were, even when there was a risk of getting lost on the way during night. Some of my troops did but that was not so critical an error.

Clay Pigeons - 2

I opted to divide my troops across the board, to find the HIP buggers, but my real intention was to push through the left side, which was probably lightly defended. No roads, rivers or other landmarks to follow though, it could be a tough ride if I get lost on the way. Anyways, off we went.

I did find some of the HIP units, and had a few melees as well, resulting him to hear my progress but then he promptly wailed the ELR check and stayed passive. Meanwhile he had a machine gun nest hiding in the grain on the middle and my flamethrower guy stumbled upon him. Of course the Americans blasted away with all they got and resulted 2MC on a 20+FP. Ouch.

Germans promptly passed and in return fire there were some roasted American beef. On a second shot the FT malfunctioned – as usual.

Clay Pigeons - 3

I about 12 CVP worth of troops in the track of infiltration on the left when my opponent conceded the game, albeit he had all chances still to turn the tables. Apparently the big stack on the left was a dummy stack and he just failed the personal MC.

Defenders setup was not very good one. ML6, ELR3 units and he thought that he’d keep his leaders in a single stack and then try to provoke a trigger to wake the best leader and the stack – and consequently fan leaders out to the units. This however required a trigger I wasn’t going to give him freely like he expected. I think that was a severe case of overanalyze combined with very tight expectations.

Also, because they were all in same place, they were vulnerable to sniper, which did happen, and on the other hand, also far away from the  action. Basically every unit that was broken was not getting back in a hurry, and I could have very easily just turn on to fight the few remaining defenders to buy enough time to get away.

Night scenarios are actually quite interesting. Time consuming, yes, but interesting. Could actually try one on a bit less restricted and more manageable terrain.

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