A Great Fun, a Splendid Chaos

Successors is probably one of the most fun four player game ever devised. I like Hannibal, Wilderness War a lot, and find Pax Romana absolutely brilliant but then comes Successors. Goodness sake what a game that is.

successors - 1

Black at the height of her power. From a humble beginnings are the Empires forged – and forgotten.

It is not practicable to go through every aspect of Successors we had a while back, but to say that marriages were arranged, wars we fought, barbarians brought havoc and disasters struck the land. Some Royal family members were poisoned, while some had plans of their own. Political control were gained, and lost in a eyeblink and in all that, devious plans were made to gain the political standing that would wrought he victory.

successors - 2

Funeral cart on it’s way and Cleopatra murdered with Hemlock by yellow (me).


I decided to go on the route of successor early on, and caused a bit of rampage here and there as yellow. Trouble was that nobody really had any reservations about attacking me, so I was quite underwhelmed militarily. So, I went for the court intrigue instead and tried to sew chaos and confusion.

successors - 3

Once mighty political control of Black melted away breezily like summer snow…

In an opportunistic grab I got my hands on the keys of victory from one opponent who took all the trouble to carry the funeral cart to Pella with the greek independent army.

successors - 4

I was opportunistically taking the cart from Red in Pella and was just posed for winning…

All this, only to lose them in a brief moment later to a second faction who controlled the city before I could siege it. So close it was.

successors - 5

…but after all our troubles carrying the funeral cart to Pella, Blue snatched the victory.

Successors is by far, along with Pax Romana, the best four player game I’ve ever come up with. In fact, because Pax Romana is very long, Successors actually beats even that, and that is saying a lot indeed.

What I brilliant piece of chaos and story!

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