Panthers in Hatten

Making Hatten great again. This time Liehr Launched First. I had the honors to be the defender, and because ROAR suggested that Germans would need a balance, I was glad to grant it. This meant conversion of two squads to a better type. Unintentionally, I did not notice SSR2 when doing setup late evening, and for morning game I left my disabled tank destroyers only concealed.Liehr-first - 1

I expected the Germans to take the main road, but instead they took a route from the north side attempting to flank my positions. Apparently the idea was to cut my defenses in half with fire lane along the road by strong MG positioning. However, this was foiled by my mortar placement and well established WP screen that sent the infantry crewing the MG running. Additionally, would I have thought of similar idea on the most obvious, and only firelane, I would have stacked both MG’s with half squads for the purpose.Liehr-first - 2

Seeing where Germans were going, it was an easy redeployment of troops, and Germans were in difficult bind.Liehr-first - 3

It took a way too long for the cautious Germans to move around. Use of riders quite liberally helped but after the end of second turn there was no sight of well coordinated incoming attack. I had rather strong defense, and while bazooka ended the life of one PzIV through a turret hit, the bad die rolls caused the two panthers to lose MA’s pretty much on the first shots they ever made – in addition to a stall on a critical moment. Additionally, two small mortars caused a bit of havoc among the advancing Germans. It is not that they are effective at  FP of 4, but given raiders and infantry running on open, this makes it interesting. If you keep ROF for 8 shots, one is bound to cause PIN or MC.Liehr-first - 4

Americans could not cause many permanent losses, but could foil the incoming assaults and push them back temporarily – for Germans, time was in short of supply so that was more than enough. There were 7 victory hexes to be had, none of which were in the hands of Germans by the midpoint of turn 5.Liehr-first - 5

Too little too late then. American victory was mostly a product of very poor Panther performance, and perhaps a lack of the aggressiveness required from the armor.

Notes: Case J3 and J4 (FFNAM, FFMO) DRM’s are applied to the TH. not the effect. Raiders may fire inherent FP, but bailing out raiders have chance to lose the SW they carry.

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