Dip in the Suicide Creek

There was an local ASL event which allowed to get to know some new people, and also to try out some fun bits and pieces. We did take an dip to the Suicide Creek, a short scenario where Japanese defenders had five pillboxes and about equal number of defenders set against rather potent marine force of 8 squads and good leadership and support weapon array. Idea was a simple one, marines needed to eradicate the Japanese presence to a less than two squad equivalents with a line of sight to the creek (FFE is a stand-in for sniper).ASL-day - 1

I took the attacking Americans, not because of preference but because my Japanese play would probably not give very good account since I have played very little with them. Once setup was done, the Japanese side of the map was, well… empty. An all HIP scenario is rather unnerving. With limited time in my hands, I deployed and started to probe forwards to the Japanese side of the river. Every time there were troops or pillbox revealed, I bypassed them, and attacked from the rear first with point blank range followed by CC.ASL-day - 2

Ordinarily Japanese are rather good at fighting in close quarters, but in this one, they didn’t win a one HtH or CC. At worst they were ambushed and brushed aside, at best they just prolonged from turn to turn or were killed in return. In this kind of rate of exchange, marine would win due to sheer numbers alone. As a marine player, I set out to clear one pillbox after an other, mostly by infiltrating first behind, and then amassing a softening wall of fire and then close combating the location. This was made somewhat easier because of a gap my opponent left on the right flank.ASL-day - 3

In an afterthought I have no idea how (except by avoiding fight) Japanese can win in that 2:1 manpower firefight where close quarter FP can easily get up to 20. Japanese would have to keep shuffling from one Jungle pillbox to other and stay away from the American wall of fire. It seems that every obstacle (jungle debris, swamp) that causes minimum move/CX has to be taken into full use.ASL-day - 4

Second game of the day was an rather fast and successful Liberation of Bessarabia where my opponent literally stormed my positions with Romanian Panzer Blitz. If something, I learned that this scenario is a lost cause the moment Romanian tanks get through.

ASL-day - 5

I did try to build in depth but about 50% of my armored reserves were in a wrong place, and besides of having their guns out immediately, they were destroyed handily. I have to grant that it was interesting to see how efficiently my opponent just wrapped up my defenses and chewed them to bits literally without much harm to his own forces. Brilliant.

ASL-day - 6

Next time, either hold the bloody road and make sure that the armors count and stop Russians dead, or make sure that Russians can knock out the Romanian tanks and then counterattack.

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