Not directly involved to any wargaming as such, but I got a commission from my daughter to build interior for the FTX Ford Bronco RC car she got some time ago. According to specifications a Mailleg mouse should be the passenger and/or driver.

I got some Forex (foam-PVC) that is and then Proxxon hand tool and some decent gas operated Dremel VersaTip to work the material to a right shape (a bit tough to do outside and that’s why there is some burn marks…). Tehere was not much of measuring involved and it was a rather quick build (or maybe it was actually a sculpt more than build… ).

crawler interior - 3crawler interior - 1crawler interior - 2

In a afterthought I probably should have done some things a bit differently – the seats are little too big and a bit too much forward but that can be changed easily. Because everything needs to be red, the final interior will be black with red dashboard, and red/white seats.

The sailing ship at the back is waiting to be converted an RC model for coming summer…

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2 Responses to Intermission

  1. I would say it came out very well!

  2. Azazel says:

    Yeah, very cleanly built!

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