One does not simply walk into…

It all started in a rainy day in Shire. An idea that walking through the marshes, getting boots wet and to suffer all sorts of discomfort would actually be not quite an adventure that little hobbits should undertake. Unawares, the Evil eye watched carefully every step our little party took around the Northern regions and lakeside towns – quite pretty now that Smaug has been long gone.

What we thought, instead of suffering all the nasty hardships, to take a biscuits and afternoon tea at the pleasant lakeside town, and enjoy the legendary Darwen hospitality in the Erebor instead. Well, never really went that far, but idea was good, and far better than meddling with the temperamental nature of the southern folks.

They wished for war, let them have it!

walk-into-mordor - 1

Starting the journey at Rivendel, Evil, gotten more wise rised troops in northern forts.

walk-into-mordor - 2

A lot more.

walk-into-mordor - 3

And while doing that, left the doors of Mordor unguarded.

walk-into-mordor - 4


walk-into-mordor - 5

More armies were called to reinforce Moria…

walk-into-mordor - 6

And our Grand Tour continues, on the left, famous mount Doom.

walk-into-mordor - 7

… And then, at the moment of ultimate victory. Any other result would have given Good Folks of West a victory. The Dice Gods show their deep distain to my strategy, again! 😀

walk-into-mordor - 8

So close, so far. Rivendel, well, they got what the snobbish Elves ever wished for.

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2 Responses to One does not simply walk into…

  1. Not an easy game for “Good” to win, as long as Evil doesn’t ignore the fellowship for too lomg!

    • Tichy says:

      Actually, recent records show that if you ignore the ring aspect a but and lure Evli to fight in South, it is remarkable easy to capture two out of the there northern forts as the good guys. For Example Moria has now fallen six times in a single siege attempt (with 4-5 defenders inside). Nowdays the play goes like this: get northeners, Elves and Dwarwes to war and ignore Rohan and Gondor. Then just take the forts and game is over far before ring ever gets into Mordor.

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