Armies of Oblivion

AoO.pngI’ve waited this for a while – in fact, years since I missed the ziplock edition entirely. Because of some odd reason I did not feel like paying $350 or more for the module. Thanks to the glacial release speed of MMP (this is not a complaint, rather statement of fact), Armies of Oblivion is finally here, and what a box of goodies that is (albeit, too bad the Sturm Tiger was dropped – not because there would have been any use for it, but because it is such a fun thing). That said, it does not mean that Armies of Oblivion would be for everyone. Certainly not. Some scenarios are fairly long, and fairly complex – and some are just not interesting for many people.

If you like obscure things, and especially which include interesting situations, poor troops and less used hardware. Axis minors, Italians, Chinese? Armies of Oblivion is Perfect choice.

In my opinion ASL late war tanks and vehicles make things less interesting because the hit/kill ratio becomes rather high. Playing cat and mouse with tanks is interesting up to point, but then I think armored cars are more interesting than late war tanks – especially some lumbering fortresses where mobility is sacrificed for theoretical increased chance of survival. Therefore, some truly obscure and weird designs make life interesting, those you can find from the French, Italian, Japanese, Allied and Axis minors.

Can’t wait to get Armies of Oblivion to the table.

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