Game weekend – War of The Ring

We had an opportunity to play four player game of War of the ring. Preluded with a bit of a movie marathon, we got the game to the table. Six hours later, after many twists and turns it turned out that the Evil(tm) won by military conquest. Some rules were played a bit wrong but we got pretty good overall feel of the system. It has the potential to grow very popular, however I must fix the figure issue. It is really, really bad for the game flow. Poor, poor design choice.

As evil, we started out a bit confused and slowish. Did not really allocate too much for the hunt, and also did not get a whole lot of results before fellowship was already in Lorien. However, we did get everybody on a war footing, and some armies hired and attacking. Wormtongue was doing what he did best and kept Rohan at bay for a time, but then what really helped us was the fact that the To Be Slaved Humanity only got two rolls of Will of the West (which clearly made a political statement of the west apparent to everyone), one of which was cancelled. Because the West did not wish to see Saruman defeated, I put up as much fun with him as I could.

Meant Armies, Death and Deceit 😀

Mostly what the TBSH did well was dying. In great many numbers. It was with great regret we had to inform the ring bearers about their ultimate failure at the entrance to the Mount Doom. So much bloodshed could have been avoided, would those greedy buggers given the preciou… Ahem, ring to us voluntarily.

WotR-weekend - 1WotR-weekend - 2WotR-weekend - 3WotR-weekend - 4

WotR-weekend - 5

Yep, they really do not fit. No way. Army boxes? Used, and they do not fit there either.

WotR-weekend - 6WotR-weekend - 11

WotR-weekend - 7

It is a small step for the man.

WotR-weekend - 8

But a huge leap for the Orkinity.

This said, many thanks for excellent company!


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2 Responses to Game weekend – War of The Ring

  1. Played this once a number of years ago and enjoyed it. The :”good guys” are really under pressure, but if Evil ignores the ring bearer for long, they will usually lose.. or so it seemed to me!

    • Tichy says:

      Incidentally we had another game which was typical example of Evil side getting mostly palantir, eye and muser dice. I had ample armies but no way to move them about. Interestingly enough, the fellowship got to the mount doom with less corruption than when entering Mordor (I managed to draw only 0 and -X counters from the pool). It was rather funny.

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