Game Weekend II – Blast from the past

Very seldom do we get on a table so visually appealing, and fantastically executed game as Age of Napoleon. By no means it is very grande scale, but what it does, it really does well indeed. Five hours, full scenario, some rules references and lunch in between. Dramatic movements, and balancing on the edge of a kife until the very last die roll. Fortunes of war crashing on us like waves of a storm. Very seldom there is such a dramatic events going back and forth, and constant pressing uncertainty. Indeed it is much of what I like.

Now I actually wonder why has this game relegated to the shelf. It is just very good, light grand strategy game which actually gets completed once started.

AoE-new - 1

French never quite made it to Russia

AoE-new - 2

Spain in Flames!

AoE-new - 3

A second coming of Austria

AoE-new - 4

EnterFrench losses mounting  – mostly from Non-Russian Attrition

AoE-new - 5

Austria in Flames. They too got enough of the iron yoke of French

AoE-new - 6


AoE-new - 7

Resistance is futile! Suddenly Britain was left alone to defeat France. Cowards!

AoE-new - 8

You’d think we’d not dare?

AoE-new - 9

Yes we did!

AoE-new - 10

Oops. No, you don’t!

AoE-new - 11

That’s it then. 

A the end Coalition could not make France to surrender, and France could not get necessary territories secured so the war would have continued if not the political pressure to force peace.

We opted to use random draw for the armies, and that was indeed very good idea. We are not supposed to optimize. We are supposed to fight with what we have.

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5 Responses to Game Weekend II – Blast from the past

  1. Enjoyable write up, looked fun!

    • Tichy says:

      It was indeed. There is a single minor quibble though – the victory conditions have largish margin for a draw, and it is quite difficult at the end for either side to gain victory if one, or both players conserve manpower.
      This is evident especially if, for the last turns, France attempts to preserve armies, avoid losing and aiming for a draw. However, because we don’t really play competitively, this is hardly an issue.

  2. Having random country assignment makes sense!

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