Acquisition – Prussians on a march

I’ve planned this for a long time, to enroll more troops for the Prussians. Now, I am almost done the painting of the Landwehr battalions, total of 10 of them, 48 figures each. Now it is time for these guys…

Prussian reservists - 1.png

This is the test batch of the reservists, the second largest contingent in my Prussian army besides of Landwehr. I think they are joy to paint actually and now that the weather is turning, I think there will be time to do that too. While at that, there is also largish number of French to to, and also some ah, so evil cossacks. It’s been a long time since I got these, so I’d need to make an inventory again…

Anyway, off to the painting table. There is scenario in the works for these troops…

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2 Responses to Acquisition – Prussians on a march

  1. There is no lack of interesting variations for the Reserve units!

    • Tichy says:

      Indeed. Landwehr and especially reserve infantry are fantastic rag-tag assembly reminiscent of an army. Will have to improvise. 😀

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