Non-Epic X-wing

These days what constitutes an X-wing game is following: Build a fleet that is potentially interesting to play, then realize that the opposition has opted to choose some highly optimized list from some tournament circles.

Next step is to start the game, and for next four or more hours of checking of errata related to some specific aspects of cards and their interaction is certain circumstances, clutter etc. Somewhere between the errata and rules referring there is few minutes of actual game buried under someplace. Game itself now mostly constitutes of realizing that the now-current uber Tie XXX shoots twice in round, and cannot be harmed in any way. Resolving number of rules conflicts, one finally forgets already what was going on. Another such interrupt soon follows and so it goes from one interrupt to next.

This time game was over of course before it even begun. Meanwhile I could cause some player pain and suffering with Wolfwarro – not a real damage of course, but Decimator-like irritation just by staying alive for very, very long. Of course there is no point in that, but that’s how the games look about every time now.

Well, metagame and tournament orientation of X-wing has been always been what it is, but because of the optimization for paper-sicssor-rock approach it seems no longer possible to play even casual games without spending massive amount of time optimizing the ships against that one specific combination – or get some ready made list that has been build for the purpose of defeating the opposition. Gone are days one could just have fun and experiment with unusual and non-optimal combinations.

3 ships a side and game took about 6 hours. How is that even possible? That is a timeframe one usually attributes to ASL…

X-wing boredom - 6X-wing boredom - 4X-wing boredom - 5

There was another match with the bigger ships, a game that actually initiated the whole errata checking. Biggs Darklighter card was – as I suspected – corrected. That lead to argument where player of Rebels held opinion that correction is not in play, and no errata of any kind should be used. However, because it is literally not possible to play any FFG game without extensive errata, it brought up a question how to resolve almost every aspect.  All this thanks to extremely poor rules writing and lack of index.

Rebels lost the game (not a surprise) but it was rather far from fun – even to look at, not to mention the outside referring that took almost 3 hours of the play time. There was no way Rebels could have pulled it off of course, considering that Decimator was barely scratched at the end of the game.

X-wing boredom - 1X-wing boredom - 3X-wing boredom - 2

That was it I think. I’m done with X-wing and it’s derivatives. Really.

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11 Responses to Non-Epic X-wing

  1. dave2718 says:

    waiting for the new edition, or too soon to tell?

    • Tichy says:

      No. Definitely no. Some other system that actually works. From all the info so far, 2nd edition will be geared towards list optimization and tournament rock-paper-scissors and rules lawyering even more.

  2. Not a game I play, but I have a,ways thought “list optimization” a bit silly. It is indeed rare that a commander gets to choose his forces. He has to do the job with what he has on hand!

    Why not assign the forces semi randomly? Same for any additional cards etc.

    • Tichy says:

      Thanks! Well, that’s an statement I fully agree with. It is actually good idea but it does not resolve other fundamental problems with the system. However, I would love that approach on some other tactical pseudo-space game (such as Star Eagles with X-wing miniatures?)

  3. It’s an idea I have to play with more for my own underused spacefleets – all Superior Starfleet Wars (aka now as Galactic Knights).

  4. Any gaming lawyers or lawyering, as well as manipulating rules sets makes gaming so much less enjoyable.

    • Tichy says:

      True indeed. I’m also inclined to say that rulesets that require lawyering to be playable at all are enjoyment killers.

      Any suggestions for space themed game besides of Star Eagles that would be functional?

  5. Azazel says:

    I have to say, that reading the description it sounds like you might need new opponents rather than a new game. Certainly talking through some of the issues before beginning play at the very least…

    • Tichy says:

      Somehow FFG games tend to devolve into never ending discussion over errata. Personally I find it hard to play without errata because without it games become just series of interpretation arguments. On the other side, when errata is used, it becomes constant referring exercise because there is pages and pages of non-indexed corrections to go through all the time.

      I do not know how to resolve that, and nowadays after so many attempts, I start to lose interest to even try.

      • Azazel says:

        I dunno. Maybe the discussion needs to happen before the game? Depends as well on if you guys turn up with a new “force” each time as well as how competitive you are when you play.

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