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Acquisition – Prussians on a march

I’ve planned this for a long time, to enroll more troops for the Prussians. Now, I am almost done the painting of the Landwehr battalions, total of 10 of them, 48 figures each. Now it is time for these guys… … Continue reading

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War of the Ring

Well, this is what I got for present recently. I like the idea, and I like the execution of the system. Because it is published by Ares and not some unnamed company, there is a decent chance this time around … Continue reading

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Winter Offensive!

ASL. Yay! What’s better than that? Deluxe ASL. What else could it possible be? Of course it could be many, many things, such as Armies Oblivion preorder? Indeed, that too. Have I ever mentioned that I like Deluxe ASL? I … Continue reading

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Non-Epic X-wing

These days what constitutes an X-wing game is following: Build a fleet that is potentially interesting to play, then realize that the opposition has opted to choose some highly optimized list from some tournament circles. Next step is to start … Continue reading

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