X-wing, another epic

I have tried to like X-wing, and especially I have tried to like the Epic. That said, in our most recent game our Rebel faction decided not to take the CR-90, full aware that opponent would take both Raider and Decimator – or that was what we counted on.

Off we went and of course both ships were there – how else.

We on the other hand were quite ordnance-heavy and were poised to make sure that no decimator – or Palpatine in it will walk away from the field. Two things happened. First, our little fleet did indeed destroy, not only the Decimator with relative ease, but also the mixed bag of supporting craft. Because we opted to take the distance from the Raider, we actually had ample time to deal with the other ships before Raider became too much of disturbance.

Then, when Raider was finally in range to do any damage, it actually was already half disabled and powerless. Decimator lasted three or four turns of fighting while Raider, well, it was practically dead after two b-wings laying ordnance on it. It was darn expensive 120+ points for our opponent…

On the other hand, the Furballs are actually genuinely funny to play.

Seriously now, what fun is there??? Do we really need to look for other ruleset to make fights fun?


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