Summer came – Summer went…

It’s been remarkably busy season for anything else but actual wargaming. Of course some of that has been fitted in, but paints have been in the shelfs for past few months. Meanwhile I did finally collect my old ASL collection from storage, and have now some surplus but nothing dramatic. I’ve also collected some other classics, but most of them will go for sale because I do not have too much shelf space – and frankly very unlikely that I will ever play them. These include Pacific War and Imperium Romanum II.

We have ongoing 3 player live game of Pax Romana where some of the Eastern powers are put against each other. Lady luck gave me Egypt and our little territorial disagreement with East (what is Ptolemy to do?) gave some head start for Greece.  As a result I am not exactly in good fighting condition at the moment. East was much favored by lady luck in the alliances, but not really in dices and he did lose quite bit of valuable troops. Of course much can happen because we are only entering turn three and things are far from being lost.

Pax-Romana-Eastern - 1

Initial troublemaking in Greece mainland by two SoF armies.

Pax-Romana-Eastern - 2

Pax-Romana-Eastern - 3

Tensions rising at the Egyptian border – I am completely innocent here 😛

Pax-Romana-Eastern - 4

Pax-Romana-Eastern - 5

Waking realization that Greece is on a runaway. End of our Eastern dispute – for now.

Pax-Romana-Eastern - 6

Consolidation of remaining power – To Crete. Excellent olive oil there.

Pax-Romana-Eastern - 7

See that super stack? That is the Eastern Alliance killer stack.

Once again, Pax Romana is super fun game. Absolutely one of the best world domination game ever made. Especially in such an excellent company. To be continued….

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