Strong Austro-Hungarian brigade with limited cavalry support  was garrisoning two towns somewhere in rural Austria. Having fortified two towns with artillery and garrisons, and establishing defensive perimeter around well suited terrains the Austrian commanders were confident that French would not meet their objectives and capture the towns.

Total French forces consisted of three brigades, totaling 10 battalions (Q4 C4 SK2), a single medium field artillery battery (Q4) and reserve cuirassier regiment (Q3 C6) and brigade consisting two regiments of Dragoons (Q3 C5). Austrians had single brigade of 6 battalions (Q4 C4 SK2), two garrison battalions (Q4 C4 SK2) and two reserve battalions of Hungarian grenadiers (Q3 C5 SK0) and one medium reserve artillery (Q4). Additionally, there were mixed brigade of Dragoons (Q4 C5) and Hussars (Q4 C5).

Austrian commanders were usual plodders at quality of (Q5), except CinC who was (Q4). French were of (Q3) and therefore should have been far more flexible. Units had no specialities to make it easier to remember and faster to play.

Well, have to say that this game took an interesting turn…  or a few 😀

Battle of towns - 1

Quiet countryside

Battle of towns - 2

Towfolks were not about to anticipate the bloodshed they were to witness. Road among meadow and the barrier hill is to play quite a role in the game, for it is the future burial ground of the Austrian cavalry wing.

Battle of towns - 3

Meadows and rolling hills, quiet roads… soon to be drowned in blood of brave lead men… For this is the scene to remember…

Battle of towns - 4

Until Austrians arrived, and hastily rised fortified locations…

Battle of towns - 5

French lining up for the battle – a bloodshed about to begin…

Battle of towns - 6

Austro-Hungarian forces marching forward to take defensive positions

Battle of towns - 7

Battle of the meadows, dooming the Hussars in hands of Cuirassiers

Battle of towns - 8

In the town the Austrian bastion holds out and repeatedly pushes back French…

Battle of towns - 9

French prepare for bloody frontal attack…

Battle of towns - 10

A moment before roar of thousands of muskets fill the air…

Battle of towns - 11

French push hard and relentlessly against the Austrians…

Battle of towns - 12

Until Austrian line is nearing collapse… Many little lead men fell here, resolve wavered.

Battle of towns - 13

French pushed back by Austrian last hurrah!

Battle of towns - 14

French Dragoons, weary of the fight before decide to end it for once and for all! Ramming straight on to the Austrian line – nearly broken and this would be the last straw.

Battle of towns - 15

Against all the odds, Austrian line stands firm and defeats the French Dragoon regiment at last moment. French morale is utterly broken, Austria emerges victorious!

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