Prussian Dragoons

Prussian Dragoons entering the fray. They have been quite long time in making, as have been some other cavalry squadrons since I changed the layout from 2 bases per regiment to much more realistic 4 bases per regiment. Good news are that it is far easier to show depleted regiments, and calculate strengths in squadron basis. Incidentally Napoleonic regiments tend to have around 4 squadrons each.prussian dragoons - 1

In Prussia like in many other countries, dragoons were considered universal cavalry capable of taking any role in the battlefield. At the time of Napoleonic wars, of course the “any role” was somewhat diluted by the fact that cavalry always had a higher standing than infantry but there were genuine instances where Dragoons actually fought on foot. Technically not light, nor heavy they were equipped with saber and around 20 per squadron with carabiners. Their military and social standing were probably a bit less than diminishing cuirassiers.prussian dragoons - 2

Dragoons would of course be the cavalry trump card in future conflicts until cavalry arm died in all intents and purposes around 1920’s. Pretty much no other cavalry formations would survive Napoleonic wars intact. This epoch was to become the wansong of hussars, cuirassiers and other exotic formations.prussian dragoons - 3

Final real fighting of Dragoons came finally in 1970’s in Angola.

prussian dragoons - 4prussian dragoons - 5

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  1. Nice work, great colors.

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