Westphalian Battalion

Reinforcements for DSLB are due. This time it is turn to bring in first of few Westphalians. Exact number is not known at this time, but I guess I will come up with some nice figure. These are actually some older versions retouched. I do like Westphalian uniforms, and would also like Bavarians but unfortunately the Baccus Bavarian line will not see rework in some time – or so I heard.

I am, however looking to make little Italian contingent, especially the rather heavy emphasis on the Austro-Hungarians. So many interesting possibilities…

Ruled by Napoleon’s brother, Jérôme Bonaparte, Wesphalia was a kingdom that lasted from December 1807 to October 1813.  During the brief period of existence, Wesphalia contributed to Napoleon’s grand tour not only money, but also troops and supplies. Regardless of Napoleons demands, Wesphalia was quite successful enterprise – probably because young Jérôme was far better administrator than general. 

Large quantity of Westphalian men perished in the Napoleon’s Russian tour. After the Battle of the Nations Westphalia fell again in the Prussian hands and the kingdom was abolished. After losing his kingdom Jérôme went out to become Prince of Montfort. Finally on 24 June 1860 he died in natural causes, having lived interesting and eventful life.

dsbl-westphalians - 4dsbl-westphalians - 5dsbl-westphalians - 6dsbl-westphalians - 1dsbl-westphalians - 2dsbl-westphalians - 3

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