Acquisition – Minor Scenics

This will probably take a while to complete and explain but what is a game without sheep grazing in meadows or cattle just being cattle? Another day I went on to see the Perfect Six not to look for anything particular, but then realizing that he has few things I really needed. Graveyard bits, which I was too lazy to do myself, and cabions which I have found immensely irritating to do. Then I realized that I could certainly do with few barrels, sacks and barricades – and then some sheep and cattle. Some of the stuff is of course for the 10mm folks, but some are, and can be used for pretty good effect on the DSLB as well.minor-scenics-1.png

It seems that besides of quite agreeable postage rates, Perfect Six does pretty good job with sculpts and cast. Models are very nice and crisp for the scale. Here’s some shots of the items. Delivery was quite fast and there were nothing missing, damage, or miscast. I can recommend.

minor scenics - 4

10mm Frenchman guarding barrels with 6mm Westphalian support.

minor scenics - 3

Barricades – they are good size for both 10mm and 6mm.

minor scenics - 5

Cabions are very crisp and very good indeed!

minor scenics - 2

DIY graveyard. A bit of flash on the stones but nothing dramatic.

minor scenics - 6

Scale is pretty good. However, now that I am thinking of it, memorial statues would be nice – for example Ney 😉

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2 Responses to Acquisition – Minor Scenics

  1. Peter Anderson says:

    nice bits. I too like some barrels etc on the tabletop. I use animals as markers, which looks good and provides, uh, fertile grounds for bad puns as well.

  2. Azazel says:

    Agreed – I keep a little bag of toy farm animals to fill out the occasional table setup. Granted, it’s a bit easier to do that and be “realistic-ish” when playing 28mm heroic fantasy!

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