Modular meadow – Terrain, part IV

May I introduce the modular meadow. First of the system being well… meadow module. Does not look much, just a patch of terrain, but it is very, very, very flexible and relatively large patch – this would be about the mid size.

The idea of modular meadow is twofold.  First, it is very hard to keep long grass standing when terrain map is rolled number of times over. Second, I find it necessary to alter the base map layout at times with larger features that are not incorporated. For example elevation chance more vivid than I get from regular mat.

So, I created overlay module(s) which are thin, can have high grass, pond, or water features, stones, rocky surface, or pretty much any of the specialities that come to mind. Could be fields too, and will come to that probably at some point. Modules – because they are overlays, can of course contain roads, or cover existing roads, fields etc. Intention is to keep the generous enough not to create harsh edges (albeit this model has evil tendency to wrap at the edges still). Their scale is also intended to work for the 10mm scale Sharp Practice.

Further ado, Polish army elements marching past the meadow module:

dsbl-meadow - 1dsbl-meadow - 5dsbl-meadow - 3dsbl-meadow - 4dsbl-meadow - 8dsbl-meadow - 2dsbl-meadow - 7dsbl-meadow - 6

More of them to follow, in different sizes and shapes…

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1 Response to Modular meadow – Terrain, part IV

  1. Azazel says:

    Very nice. I like the way you’ve done this.

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