Project Hagelberg

Before I move on to Hanau, I have to revisit Battle of Hagelberg, 27 Aug 1813. Not only because it is a small battle, but also because the situation is interesting. Last time there were insufficient forces, including but not limited to complete absence of the Cossacks, and map which was way too small.

This time I am opting to take battalions of 4 stands each, and cavalry of 4 stands, and cover the full battle. Since the painting hiatus have finally ended and I find myself enjoying the decorations of the Napoleonic era, I think a goal needs to be set.

For French, the required manpower would be:

  • 8 Battalions of regular infantry (done)
  • 1 Westphalian Line Battalion (done)
  • 1 Croatian Battalion
  • 2 Saxon Battalions
  • 2 Medium Foot Artillery Batteries (1 done)
  • 1 Hussar Regiment (done)
  • One Regiment of Combined Squadrons (done)

Prussians would have:

  • 1 Regular Line Battalion (done)
  • 4 Reserve Battalions
  • 12 Landwehr Battalions (5 done)
  • 2 Regiments of Landwehr Cavalry (1 done)
  • 2 Cossacs
  • 1 Medium Foot Artillery Battery (done)

This means that, again, reinforcements are needed. If I calculated correctly, I am in need of:

  • 4 Reserve Battalions
  • 7 Landwehr Battalions
  • 1 Landwehr Cavalry
  • 2 Cossacs
  • 3 French Battalions to be painted as Saxons and Croats
  • 1 Medium Artillery Battery
  • 1 Windmill
  • A farm
  • Town that would resemble Hagelburg itself

Considering how quick and easy Reserve Infantry and Landwehr are to paint, this should not take forever. I would probably get about 6 battalion worth  of reservists doubling the Prussians to around 22 battalions.  French and allies, such as Westphalians and Saxons would have a boost of 12 additional battalions.

That said, should the acquisition include potential for Hanau at later occasion, some additional forces would be needed for French, in fact a whole lot of Imperial Guard…

  • 2 Battalions of Imperial Guard light infantry
  • 2 Battalions of Imperial Guard fusiliers
  • 2 Battalions of Imperial Guard Grenadiers
  • 2 Regiments of Grenadier a Cheval
  • 2 Regiments of Cheval de la Garde

And to supplement Austrian cavalry:

  • 4 Regiments of Chevauleger

Considering that, total forces of French would be standing somewhere around 31 battalions (!) and about 12 regiments of horse once all completed. Quite sizable force for DSLB and probably would have to start looking for a another ruleset.

Now it would be a good time to share any experiences of March Attack, or other good rules?

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2 Responses to Project Hagelberg

  1. Hi there, I played March Attack and rather enjoyed it. It has an interesting system to deal with skirmishing at divisional level and makes for a good set of rules all told.

    Also you can get quick play sheets and game examples from their WordPress blog:

  2. Tichy says:

    Hmmm, interesting. Thanks! I actually do have March Attack rules somewhere in my archive, and most likely had them for years now but never read, or played them. Perhaps it is the time. 😀 Any other recommendations, or ideas about rules? I would like the system being more of command structure, and possibly messengers and things like battlefield visibility, skirmish as purpose of withering enemy formed troop efficiency by reinforcing the skirmish screen and such instead of excruciating details of firefights.

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