Scenario – Battle of Hanau

Battle of Hanau was rather small event, and therefore Part of it would be quite suitable for DSLB. Most distinct feature of the battle was that French were significantly outnumbered. Based on the map of the battle, the situation is rather on the interesting side since the Austro-Bavarian forces were practically trapped between river and French.

Battle of Hanau

Source: Wikimedia Commons.

I thought of cutting the playing area somewhat and concentrate only on the initial clashes that did not involve the troops south of the river Kinsig.


If considering the forces who were fighting on the same side of the river, and first encountered, they would have been around 6000 men of Guard opposing the Bavarians under Lamotte. French forces would mean practically about 10 battalions max – considering the depletion of manpower.

CinC: Napoleon Q2 (Breakpoint >= 11)

  • 2nd Old Guard division Q3 (DIS > 10): Philibert Jean-Baptiste Curial
    • 2 Fussiliers Q3 C4 Elan
    • 2 Grenadiers Q3 C5 Elan
    • 2 Light Infantry Q4 C4 Light Elan
  • Guard Artillery Q3: Charles-François Dulauloy
    • Foot artillery: 3 Batteries of Medium Artillery Q4 C4
    • Horse artillery: 1 Battery Q3 C4

Cavalry was even more depleted and if we say that every regiment (basic unit in the DSLB for cavalry) has around 4 squadrons, we see that French could muster around 55 squadrons, and that would mean roughly 12, but probably 10 regiments considering that majority of the forces were already depleted.

Against these would be Austro-Bavarian Elements:

CinC: Werde Q4 (Breakpoint 5)

  • 3rd division Q4: Lamotte (Disorder DIS > 10)
    • Brigadier: Von der Stockh:
      • 3 Battalions Q4 C5 Strong
    • Brigadier: Deroy
      • 5 Battalions Q4 C5 Strong
    • Brigadier: Wagener
      • 1 Horse Battery Q3 C3
      • 1 Light Artillery Battery Q4 C3
  • Reserve
    • Brigadier: Bieregg
      • DSLB Terms: 3  Cheavau-legers Q4 C4
    • Brigadier: Ellbracht
      •  DSLB Terms: 3  Cheavau-legers Q4 C4
    • Brigadier: Dietz
      • DSLB Terms: 1  Cheavau-legers Q4 C4
  • Artillery Reserve:
    • Brigadier: Cologne
      • Horse Battery Q3 C3
      • 1 Light Artillery Battery Q4 C3
      • 1 Medium Artillery Battery Q4 C4

Victory conditions are a bit troublesome because of the Austro-Bavarian position, which is not tenable. Only conceivably condition would be fighting withdrawal over the swollen river behind the Austrian back.  In real history attempt to cross the Lamboi bridge to reinforce troubled centre failed and caused yet additional losses until Austrians indeed withdrew into Hanau, and later entirely.

So, No help coming across the Lamboi bridge then. Hence, if Austrians can withdraw and cause more losses than they take, they do win the day. If French can eliminate the entire Austrian force and/or pin them against the riverbank, and/or block the path (two battalions of infantry and two regiments of cavalry must exit before Austrians from the road leading to the Lamboi bridge (French left map edge)) of retreat towards Lamboi bridge, they win decisively.

If Austrians can stop the French entirely, and cause French to break, they win decisively.

Special Rules

  • If Austrians reach the broken state, they must keep retreating at least 1S towards the river regardless of orders. Failure to do so, and if French cavalry is within 1M, the battalion will rout backwards, causing disorder on their path (routing unit removed from play).
  • Use of Reserve increases breakpoint as normal. Only one element can be added per CinC activation.
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