Acquisition – Terrain, part III

Now, it is time to tackle the issue of trees and forests. Finally. Just like a proper cylon, I think I have a plan now. Basic ingredients are: Sea Foam, clump foliage + various other scatters for canopies, and Sea Foam for individual, but delicate trees.

  • Step 1. Individual trees
  • Step 2. Individual trees surrounding the canopy mass
  • Step 3. Canopies
  • Step 4. Storage solution for the trees and canopies

Well, I did think for a long time how to make realistic trees, and on that topic, forests. Have tried few different ways, and none of them have been entirely satisfactory. I have known about Sea Foam for years, but always thought that it is a tad bit too brittle to be used in tabletop.

Enter rubber paint – and fixative. Not sure at this stage if it works, but I have to try.

Do not take it wrong, trees made this way are delicate indeed, but their looks far exceed the somewhat delicate characteristics. I do not yet know how to do canopies, but it occurred to me that it should be possible, and in fact, should make quite nice looking ones.

In any case, first trial trees are out. Here are the preliminaries in two scales, one for the 10mm 7 Years War tabletop Wilderness fights of Sharp Practice, whenever I get that one done. I think that they are about right scale, but could add some larger ones too. This would be about the maximum for 6mm scale I think.

Seafoam trees - 2Seafoam trees - 1Seafoam trees - 3

And then some 6mm eye candy…

Seafoam trees - 6Seafoam trees - 7Seafoam trees - 8Seafoam trees - 13Seafoam trees - 11Seafoam trees - 5Seafoam trees - 4Seafoam trees - 14Seafoam trees - 12Seafoam trees - 10Seafoam trees - 15Seafoam trees - 9

Now, much, much more is needed – and a storage solution for the whole as well…

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3 Responses to Acquisition – Terrain, part III

  1. Your trees certainly look very good!

  2. Tichy says:

    Thank you for your kind comment! I try to do my best.

  3. Eye candy indeed. Gorgeous!

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