Acquisition – Stone Age, a Space ship


It is apparently hard to grow up in this household without degree of board game indoctrination ;). It is quite hard to find interesting games for children, especially with two requirements. a) should offer variety of mechanics b) should also be playable by adults. I heard a lot of good things about Stone Age Junior and thought that it would be pretty good choice for four year old. Decision made, order placed and doorbell rang two days later.

Stone Age is visually very appealing. There are few decision points to make but randomness plays some part. Because of the memory dependence adults can easily optimize the building process and I am not sure how long game will remain entertaining. It is quite easy to remember where the key things are and I thought that maybe shuffling the forest tiles completely would make more sense than just moving two of them about. Of course visual appeal is quite important for four year old. Keeping this mind, I think I have to start to prepare for Mice and Mystics, where adventure plays a big part. Especially if I intend to paint the miniatures for it…

While at that, I noticed rather decent deal on one ship for X-wing. As mentioned earlier, I always liked the classics so what would be more classic than this:

X-Wing Tantive IV - 1.png

Since 40k Epic, game of that type is somewhat boring without some big things… 😛

So, brace for impact whenever we get the Raider and Tantive IV on a same table – it ought to be fun.

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