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Scenario – Battle of Hanau

Battle of Hanau was rather small event, and therefore Part of it would be quite suitable for DSLB. Most distinct feature of the battle was that French were significantly outnumbered. Based on the map of the battle, the situation is … Continue reading

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Acquisition – Terrain, part III

Now, it is time to tackle the issue of trees and forests. Finally. Just like a proper cylon, I think I have a plan now. Basic ingredients are: Sea Foam, clump foliage + various other scatters for canopies, and Sea Foam for … Continue reading

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X-wing, The Hunt of the Decimator

There was another game of X-wing, and this time we tried to build squadrons with 200 points. On the other side, there was two A-wings armed with missiles, two B-wings and one Y-wing. Most were PS8, so we thought that … Continue reading

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Review -Basic Impetus 2.0

I have to admit that I did expect Basic Impetus 2.0 (Hardcopy from Dadi&Piombo, digital copy available in Wargame Vault) to be released a few months ago, but better late than never. First Basic Impetus has been admittedly my favorite … Continue reading

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Epic – or not so

There was opportunity to play X-wing during the weekend, and what else than with the big ships. We had something around 250pts per side, and both sides equipped forces with the huge ships. Imperials had Raider, Decimator, and two Ties. Rebels … Continue reading

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Acquisition – Stone Age, a Space ship

It is apparently hard to grow up in this household without degree of board game indoctrination ;). It is quite hard to find interesting games for children, especially with two requirements. a) should offer variety of mechanics b) should also … Continue reading

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