Impetuous Evening

There was an opportunity to play Basic Impetus 2.0 – which I would never decline. A nice little matchup between revised Romans and Carthaginians, with the 2nd Edition ruleset. Initial impression of the rules were quite favorable and I have to say that it did not disappoint. Some of the changes have been subtle, but the effect to gameplay, well, a bit more than that. And not to worse. Opting for the classics, I was positively surprised that Republican Romans have a tad bit better assortment of troops nowadays.

BI 2.0 Rome vs. Carthage 1 - 1

Driving away the elephants and the Numidians, who retreated, well… to Numidia.

Carthaginians had an army with elephant variant. Romans had the standard Mid-Republican layout. Except, now I realize, for the Gallic allies, which I forgot to take on table. Table was the ordinary 1,5m x 1m mat with some difficult terrain and some minor features like few trees and gentle hills that had no effect in the game.

BI 2.0 Rome vs. Carthage 1 - 2

Maniples ready to take the Gallic 10 dice(!) onslaught, followed by the main force of Carthage.

It was a good match and did run quite close, regardless of the Carthaginian devastating rolls during mid game – unfortunately, and probably because of the Gallic deserters 😛, the Roman Republic suffered devastating loss. In any case, I did manage quite neatly neutralize both elephants and the CL light cavalry. On the negative side, I failed to commit my Roman Equites – probably because of earlier, rather well remembered issues with them ;).

BI 2.0 Rome vs. Carthage 1 - 3

Oops. It quite did not work out…

Legions were performing all right (regardless of most being wiped out), but probably in the future I probably would prefer to set up the legions deep if in restrained area, or forget the weaker legionaries altogether. Triarii are useful in absence of second cavalry unit of course – having an long spears and all that.

BI 2.0 Rome vs. Carthage 1 - 4

Carthaginians slicing through like the knife…

BI 2.0 Rome vs. Carthage 1 - 5

The bitter end is near. Triarii about to face annihilation.

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2 Responses to Impetuous Evening

  1. Excellent battle report. I just got some Vn Dyck Romans and Germans, so maybe this is a start into the 10mm scale. Your table and miniatures are always an inspiration.

  2. Nice write up and love your tabletop!

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