Acquisition – Terrain, part II

Last time it was turn of a townscape but I generally find landscapes with minimalistic – albeit playable – setups a bit boring. Green and lush it needs to be. I have strong belief that minor terrain features do contribute to the outcome of the battle and not merely act as decoration. Hence, since I had some opportunity to build some walls and hedges, why not.

Now that I have about 1,2m of walls and about 1m of hedges ready, I am inclined to think  that (much) more is needed. On that note, I really have to figure out good way to build those darn forests. Really.

That said, now there is a right direction I think.

Walls and hedges - 8

French Cuirassiers entering crossroads, completely unawares of the trap…

Walls and hedges - 10

Hiding behind the bushes lies a nasty surprise, waiting…

Walls and hedges - 2

Walls and hedges restricting movement

Walls and hedges - 4

Forward! March!

Walls and hedges - 1


Walls and hedges - 7

Lonely farm village, a scene of bloody conflict…

Walls and hedges - 3

Who’s going to make it first?

Walls and hedges - 6

Farms and fields

Walls and hedges - 11

Hedgerow Hell?

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1 Response to Acquisition – Terrain, part II

  1. Looks nice!
    ‘i will walk with you in fields of gold…”

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