Acquisition – Terrain, Part I

I am not imaginative enough to build nice terrain. Unfortunate fact, but there, I’ve said it. It seems that I just  lack the attention to how good terrain looks like and never seem to get it right. Or, I just cannot get the things in a way I imagine, which is probably a bigger problem. Any attempt to build small town stands out as evidence to that.Big battalions town - 2Big battalions town - 3Big battalions town - 7

Therefore I had to call for some help, and incidentally Total Battle Miniatures appears to be the answer – or so I believe.  There is couple of things to it. One being the scale, another being the seeming complexity. Hence, Total Battle Miniatures is probably my last pid to get some decent towns for DSLB – feature that has been lacking for years. I did buy  some cheaper scale town sets with universal 19th century buildings to have an idea how they look and feel like.Big battalions town - 5Big battalions town - 4Big battalions town - 1

The models look very nice. The bases are flexible and I presume that they will take terrain features quite well. Buildings are very crisp and just properly scaled down to give impression of proper settlement, yet allowing the natural scale error that is inevitable in game where 12cm frontage resembles battalion in line, which translates to approximately 210 meters in width. Towns are roughly 15cm wide, give or take and 62.500m2 – 65 000m2 area for small dense town/village dwellings without accounting fields and farming, which is not entirely inconceivable.

Big battalions town - 8Big battalions town - 6

I do like the idea of flexible townscape bases and want to see them in action. Hopefully I can now get painting mojo going and have them ready asap. Preferably before miniature gaming season starts again.

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