Hauling a coffin, and looking into a sewer

Had an opportunity to haul Alexander’s coffin around Syria some time ago. Unfortunately only by two people, but sufficiently to get an idea how the game mechanics work. No game which features marriages, murder and stealing Alexander’s (or anyone else’s, but especially his) body can be inherently bad.

Successor test - 2

I had by far the better set of generals, so the game was sort of unfair. Nevertheless, on we went, and my opponent tried to get to the victory before me.

Successor test - 1

Funeral procession started moving towards Pella. It did end up buried in right place, and I had the legitimacy victory but it was much more tough than I thought it would have been. 

Good grief I like that board. It is by no doubt one of the prettiest boardgame piece there is.

On same token, we also had an opportunity to play Astral Alchemy scenario from 2nd ed. Mansions of Madness, Streets of Arkham expansion. We quite did not make it, but I did almost win because of insanity condition. Unfortunately that was not to be though and I was ousted from my activation by my fellow gamer. Not to give out too many spoilers, it is a scenario set in the Miscatonic University grounds where some more or less odd things happen, and to prevent them from culminating to something less than favorable certain things need to be collected around the campus.

streets of arkham - 1

Monsters anywhere? Any other useful stuff? No? Keep looking. Where does this door lead, he thinks. Nothing bad has ever, ever happened in the sewers. Never.

streets of arkham - 2

Moments before the great fire erupted (and consumed most of the board…). At least it was not dark, if that helps.

streets of arkham - 3

Our Magician dies in unfortunate circumstances, and well, I draw out the worm while my colleague fails repeatedly to do what he must… So close to making pact with the Cthulhu, right there, right then… darn.

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