Acquisition – X-wing stuff

I noticed recently that factually I have to little stuff for X-wing to play any meaningful games. X-wing, B-wing, Y-wing for rebellion, and little better for Empire in form of 2 Tie Interceptors, Tie Bomber, Tie Advanced and 2 Tie Fighters.

x-wing acquisition - 1

So regardless, I expanded the fleet with 2 A-wings, a B-wing, HWK-290 (a borderline case wether I care about it or not) and one Tie Bomber. I have some idea what to do with them, but mostly what to do with them to make Decimator suffer a bit ;). We shall see how that goes though.

Generally, I don’t really  like the direction X-wing has been heading for some time – eg. trying desperately to scrape the empty barrel for  yet another piece that can be converted to money. Another matter are some players, like a a religious fanatics:

“I thought of getting X-wing, just for the classics. Just for fun.”
“Really? It’s really cool game! <blaa, blaa>, [until] You have to get K-wing, slam is a real killer <replace your favorite here>”
“I don’t really like that, it’s pretty weird and not really my alley. I don’t care about competing”
“I know some really good tricks about K-wing you can beat heck out of your opponent in tournaments.”
“Really, I don’t care about tournamets, nor K-wing in that matter.”
“You know, this list with K-wing <shows favorite tournament setup> is really good. It won X Y and Z. You could get to our tournament…”
“What’s wrong with you? I said I don’t care about tournaments. Nor your K-wing… “
“Tournamets have such a …”
“Really? Which part you do not understand?”
“But everybody plays tournamets and you have to have K-wing, it’s super cool. It’s the greatest fun, all the meta and…”
“I don’t care. REALLY, I DON’T CARE”

Anyways, Tie bomber is there, well, because, I like Tie bombers. Not sure why, but they have some weird design appeal. Not that they are particularly useful – just like the rest of the things I got.

While talking about upgrading the Rebel fleet, Tantive IV would probably be interesting acquisition at some point.

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2 Responses to Acquisition – X-wing stuff

  1. Azazel says:

    I’ve got a couple of K-Wings. Haven’t played with them yet, but I got them because I thought they looked cool. The classics are still the best for me, though!

  2. Tichy says:

    Well, K-wing was just an example – others like it, others don’t. I certainly find it difficult to like the aesthetics but the primary reason for my dislike is a bit elsewhere – like getting shields to Ties etc. Same applies to quite few other designs (or what do you think of Tie Punisher for example :D) of recent times.

    On that tone, am I the only one who thinks that ordnance isn’t very functional or useful for the cost of it? It seems that I have troubles finding any reason to load up ordnance versus just getting another ship. A pity because I like the possibilities ordnance would offer, but seem to be a purposeless in X-wing. A ship which can load up various ordnance are rather on the pricey side but with rather minimal usefulness. It seems pointless to pay additional ship’s cost (or twice that) to have the ship loaded up (single fully loaded Tie Bomber is what, about 35-45 points, give or take? In same price range as what, Decimator? Or buy two bombers against Tantive IV? etc :D).

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