ASL – Again

aslWell, yes, I should have seen this coming. Mailman just dropped a packet to my front porch and what else could it possibly contain but a brand new 3 ring binder? Mind the previous one was already seriously out of date by any measure, not to mention about the physical distance. I really need the chapter dividers to make a game, and the notes, ah the notes.

The Pocket Edition does have its uses – excellent reading for the journeys to work, or whenever there is nothing else to do (rarely). However, the best use is to use it as reference in a game.


But it was not left to that alone. Something else was in the box as well – yes Yanks, 3a. It is not only revised Yanks, it is revised, and seriously upgraded Yanks. The new Yanks that has, hmmm, let’s see, for starters 40 scenarios… 40.

And then, did I ever mention that I actually like PTO and North Africa (would GMT one day release Panzer North Africa, that would be super nice)? At least some parts of them anyways. Even though every opponent I’ve played against over the years have either developed, or have had some kind of serious fear of the “notorious” PTO rules, I still find the theatre enticing and interesting. Not sure why that is, but perhaps I am not as much for optimizing gameplay for certain European fronts, but like to experience the variety and completely different mindsets that is needed in PTO or North Africa. Not that I am particularly good in any of them – I certainly aren’t.

ASL To the BridgeHowever, no Rising Sun I’m afraid. I think for that I have to pay visit to home sometime in coming years. Instead, as a gesture of wishful thinking I got “To the Bridge!”. And why in a earth that, one may ask? Probably because British vs. Japanese are not the most common occurrence, and I’m dying to find out how that looks like. šŸ˜€

Yes, whenever I manage to recover Gung Ho! and the rest of the things such as West of Alamein, I will definitely have some fun with British in Burma. It may be years from now, considering that my attempts to recover ASL has been moving almost the same glacial pace as the MMP production cycle.

Anyways, it is important that the games are back on table.

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