Holiday Fire in the Sky

Once again there was an opportunity to play Fire in the Sky, my so far favorite take on the Pacific War. As I have pointed out before, I’ve had a though time winning as USA, and my Japanese opponent appeared always to hold the edge over my ops. During the holidays however, we got two games in and I think I figured out how to beat the Japanese. Given the right circumstances. Photos from the latter.


First game did not really go to my way – in fact far from it. We did call it when it was quite evident that US could not muster sufficient victory points to the end – and on the other hand, because we had to clean the table. Anyway, victory to Japanese there then.


Second game around was, let’s say, a tad bit more interesting, and although my opponent did surrender shortly after losing last significant carrier, VP wise he was not beaten. Indeed, he still had a lead of over 10VP at the time, and I guess the biggest contributing factor to his surrender appeared to be the loss of player morale. Indeed it is tough, to say the least, to put up a good resistance without carriers. However, not impossible – and to that end, my ops in India were in serious trouble – and could have – given right circumstances, delay the eventual downfall enough for Japanese to gain VP victory.


My strategy then? I did opt for rather aggressive central Pacific push towards Japanese Home Islands, and not caring too much about soon to be isolated pockets of tough resistance. It could have been a mistake, but raiding the Japanese Air Umbrella here and there, and launching operations to harass the Japanese, I did manage to draw away his initiative and strike where his Flat Tops were not. Shuffling ships back and forth and readying reactionary force did indeed consume his resources from the all vital offensive operations.


Southern front was active but only in sense of limited irritation. British fleet is rather feeble, and after Japanese repositioned his Yamato and few other escorting ships in Singapore to act as last ditch reaction barrier, my willingness to carry on with naval operations diminished somewhat. But not before I tried to take on Yamato and her escorts.


Ending up a few ships out of action and several sunk I decided that airpower is needed to eradicate the threat – and for that I’d have to wait. An afterthought, Yamato is so expensive to operate that free oil which is granted by the resource locations is not a bad way to utilize the ship. In any case, British are the only viable target with limited air capacity. Against Americans, Yamato would have shared the fate of her historical counterpart quite quickly.


It was very good time and great opportunity to play FitS again. I really like the system.

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